Ana Jolović

El. paštas:
Dr. Ana Jolović is teaching at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Serbia. She also works as a consultant and owner of a consulting firm. She was educated both in Serbia and the USA.
She spent half a year at the Commodity Futures Exchange Commission (CFTC) in the office of the main economist and participated in special training at the New York Stock Exchange. Aside from being a professor, Ana is a trader herself and an official lecturer of the Serbian Security Exchange Commission.
Her involvement into teaching and training includes being president of CEFE Serbia, CEFE trainer, and coach. During her work, she was a team leader and consultant for EC, UNDP, GTZ, EAR, etc. She is an active member of Free Market Center, winner of the 2005 Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence.
Ana Jolovic is the author of numerous articles and few books. Her main interests are securities trading, corporate governance, financial management, and business planning.