Carlos Raúl Sánchez

El. paštas:

Dr. Carlos Raúl Sánchez joined Montpellier Business School as an associate professor in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He holds a PhD in Management and Economics with over 21 years of experience as a professor, researcher and consultant in Spain, Mexico, France and Australia. He has also collaborated in other countries such as Costa Rica, Peru and/or Canada.

He possesses a professional experience as a consultant in the marketing and entrepreneurial area of Spain, Latin America France and Australia, which he has gained through performing consulting work for well-known brands. Thus, he holds an in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the business culture of Latin America, Australia, France and Spain.

He has a large experience in new educational trends. In addition to his PhD, he also possesses several certifications and training in Lego® Serious Play®, Design Thinking, Gamification, etc. He is passionate about teaching and learning.

His research outputs are mainly through books, chapters, contributions to the practice and academic research in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovation, learning innovation and marketing.

Tyrimų sritys

  • Social innovation
  • Frugal Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Customer Experience