Dr. Eglė Verseckaitė-Grzeskowiak

Senior Lecturer
El. paštas: egle.verseckaite@archive.ism.lt

Senior Lecturer Dr. Eglė Verseckaitė-Grzeskowiak got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from VU IIRPS and earned her Ph.D. in political science at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, USA). In addition to teaching in universities, she has worked for a governmental institution, a think tank, and a political party, but considers teaching to be her true vocation. Dr. Eglė Verseckaitė-Grzeskowiak has a special graduate certificate in Racism, Immigration and Citizenship and gives public lectures on migration issues by invitation. She also provides consultations on research methodology for students, organizations and businesses.

Dr. Eglė Verseckaitė-Grzeskowiak has been at ISM since the Fall of 2012. ISM students named her the best BA thesis supervisor of the year in May of 2014 and 2015, and her colleagues awarded her the title of ISM Ambassador in 2017 for her cooperation with businesses in teaching students to conduct research. The results of research that she has supervised have often been presented in national media.

Dr. Eglė Verseckaitė-Grzeskowiak has presented her work on migration-related topics in academic conferences of the International Political Science Association, European Political Science Association, American Political Science Association, Midwest Political Science Association, as well as in seminars for public policy practitioners.

Tyrimų sritys

  • Migration
  • Citizenship
  • Identity
  • Nationalism
  • Civil society

Dėstymo sritys

  • Economics and Politics of Migration
  • European Union Politics
  • Social Research Methods
  • Business Research Methods
  • Academic Writing and Presentation