Eimantė Survilaitė

ISM Doctoral student in Management
El. paštas: eimsur@archive.ism.lt ; 017131@stud.ism.lt

Eimante Survilaite is a project manager and a PhD student at ISM University of Management and Economics. Eimante completed her bachelor‘s degree in Economics and Politics program and her master‘s degree in International Marketing and Management program at ISM University of Management and Economics.

Following the dominance of services and the development of a new trend called the “experience economy”, her research areas involve the processes of value co-creation with a focus on public services. To be more precise, she investigates value co-creation in the context of higher education institutions, seeking to determine the factors influencing active involvement of main stakeholders and the effects that result. In her research Eimante primarily applies quantitative research methods.