Gedas Kučinskas

ISM Doctoral student in Management
El. paštas:

Gedas Kucinskas conducts research in media planning, marketing strategy and value creation models. The latest research direction is the value of digital products – i.e. how much should we pay for a picture in the virtual world, or the ability to repaint your virtual home, etc. In the future, this field of study should be the basis for companies and startups to decide on the pricing of digital products.

Gedas Kucinskas works at media agency BPN LT, as strategy manager, applies knowledge for the development of marketing, media strategies for famous brands. BPN LT has become one of the most successful media planning agencies in just a few years, and the agency’s clients are leaders in their respective categories.  The data startup, managed by Gedas, succesfully creates “machine learning” models for solving various business problems.