Ieva Dunčikaitė

ISM Doctoral student in Management
El. paštas:

During her doctoral studies, Ieva will be performing targeted research “The Impact of AI Transparency on Leadership Trust”.


Ieva has a broad interest in data-based decision-making, transparency, access to information and leadership. Some key words that describe a part of what she does and talk about #civictech, #opengov, #opendata, #openinnovation, #transparency, #politicalintegrity, #businessintegrity with more future focus on #AIgovernance and #leadership.


Ieva holds a Master’s of European Politics and a double Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French from University of Exeter, UK. She also studied in Sciences Po Paris, France and Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. For the past several years, she has been working as a Project Leader at Transparency International Lithuania focusing on transparency in public and private sectors, political integrity, and anti-corruption in public procurement.