Ieva Martinaitytė

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Ieva is an Assistant Professor at University of East Anglia, Founder and Director of Creativity Lab. Ieva is a well-recognized expert in workplace creativity and innovation internationally and published her work in world-leading research outlets such as Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Journal of Management and Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology. In the past Ieva taught courses at University College London and University of Cambridge. Ieva also served as a theme editor of R&D Today – a platform for R&D practitioners. After a few years of research and testing, Ieva developed evidence based and practical DIP method – a new approach helping leaders make creativity their everyday and scale it to their teams. At Creativity Lab Ieva runs train to trainer programmes, creativity workshops for leaders, talks and panel discussions including teams at Adobe, Sky Innovation Labs, and Marsh Ltd.

Tyrimų sritys

Workplace Creative behavior

The psychology of Innovation

Creative leadership and culture

Interventions to promote employee creativity and wellbeing

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Organisational Behaviour

Creativity & Innovation in Organisation

Sustainable Innovation methods