Martin Aubel

ISM Doctoral student in Management
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Martin Aubel is a PhD Candidate working at the intersection of consumer behavior and technology exploring the effect of human-like service robots in banking. Currently, he works as Data Lead for a consulting firm where he translates data into business insights for strategic decision making.

In his research he addresses the question of how service robot anthropomorphism impacts consumer risk perceptions and risk behavior in form of consumer investment choices, gathering experimental insights into how much human-likeness may be ideal for robots in customer facing service functions. His research has been presented at international conferences of the Society for Consumer Psychology and the European Marketing Association.

Beside his doctoral studies, Martin has also worked in the EU-funded research project “Improving Effectiveness of Nudges in Promoting Positive Health Behaviors” in an international team of researchers from ISM, University of Groningen, and KU Leuven, and taught Management Theories (B.Sc.), Public Relations (B.Sc.), and Research Methodology (M.Sc.). He moreover has supervised and mentored Bachelor and Master theses in Digital Marketing and Marketing and has been a member of the defense committee at B.Sc. and M.Sc. level.