Tobias Grünfelder

Visiting professor at ISM, PhD. student at Zeppelin University (Germany)
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Tobias Grünfelder is a research fellow and PhD. student at the chair of “Institutional Economics and Transcultural Leadership” at Zeppelin University in Germany. His research focus on transcultural management studies aims at understanding the conditions and determinants of productive transcultural cooperation, focusing on the related organisational and individual learning processes.

In addition to his research, he works as a project manager of the Transcultural Caravan, a platform for exchange, global thinking, networking and dialogue, and as an intercultural trainer, keynote speaker and magician. In cooperation with the German embassy and the Goethe-Institute he has traveled to various countries as a “magical ambassador” to promote intercultural understanding.

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Transcultural Leadership

Diversity Management

Intercultural Communication

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Diversity Management

International Negotiations

Intercultural Communication

Transcultural Leadership and Management