Dr. Vatroslav Skare

El. paštas: vatroslav.skare@archive.ism.lt

"Vatroslav Škare, PhD, serves as an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia. His academic expertise encompasses a diverse range of subjects, notably digital marketing, product management, and services marketing. In addition to his primary teaching responsibilities, Vatroslav frequently visits international universities in the capacity of Visiting Professor and Guest Lecturer. His current research initiatives are centered on the emerging phenomena of social media storms and privacy concerns in the context of digital marketing. Vatroslav holds editorial board positions in multiple scientific marketing journals, elevating the discourse in the field. Beyond the conventional classroom, he extends his pedagogy into executive education programs, employing business simulation methodologies for enhanced learning outcomes. As a consultant, his interdisciplinary contributions span several sectors, including Tourism, Retail, Publishing & Media, ICT, and Real Estate."

Tyrimų sritys

- Digital marketing
- Consumer empowerment
- Brand management
- Country image

Dėstymo sritys

- Digital Marketing
- Services Marketing
- Product Management