Elzė Uždavinytė

Junior Researcher, ISM Doctoral student in Management
Tel: +370 5 2123960
Email: elzemarija.uzdavinyte@archive.ism.lt

Elze Uzdavinyte is a Junior Researcher and PhD student at the Management Department, ISM.

Elze is interested in consumer behavior and psychological processes underlying consumer health decisions. The focus of her PhD research is concentrated on the analysis of company size effect on health related consumer behavior through evolutionary theory lens. She applies experimental research methods and also carries out research on Group influences and Social Identity.

Elze is also involved in international research projects:

  • Junior researcher for the project Collaborative Production for the Circular Economy: A Community Approach (POP-Machina). Coordinated by KU Leuven, involving 23 partners across Europe. Project funded by the EU H2020 program (H2020-SC5-2018-2).
  • Junior researcher of the project Improving Effectiveness of Nudges in Promoting Positive Health Behaviors. Research Grant by the Research Council of Lithuania.

Elze had research visits to the Netherlands (University of Groningen) and her research has been presented at international conference Association for Consumer Research, USA.