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We invite our international students and recent graduates to undertake additional paid internships in Lithuania.


Together with Education Exchanges Support Foundation we begin the implementation of the project "Foreign Practices in Lithuania Program" (UPinLT), aimed at providing support to foreign students and graduates of Lithuanian higher education institutions for successful integration into the Lithuanian job market.

The project will allocate scholarships to international ISM students (excluding first-year students) and graduates, conducting additional or recent graduate internships in Lithuania-based companies and organizations.

Additional internship – an internship not specified in the study program, intended for acquiring additional practical skills or deepening existing ones related to the enrolled study program, carried out during free time from studies.

Recent graduate internship – an internship after studies, commenced no more than 12 months after the completion of studies, aimed at acquiring additional skills related to the acquired higher education qualification.
Important! According to the project conditions, students will not be able to consider this internship as a mandatory internship.

The scholarship amounts to 650 euros per month and is funded by the European Union's NextGenerationEU.


• The internship scholarship amount is 650 EUR/month. The scholarship is disbursed at the end of each internship month, upon submission of the required documentation confirming participation in the internship.
• Duration of student additional internships: 3 months, with a minimum weekly workload of 20 hours.
• Duration of recent graduate internships: 4 months, with a minimum weekly workload of 30 hours.
• Internships must commence no earlier than February 1, 2024, and conclude no later than August 31, 2024.
• Scholarships for internships cannot be granted if the internship takes place in a higher education institution where the student or graduate is an international student.
• An international student or graduate intending to undertake an internship with a company or organization cannot have an existing employment contract on the start date of the internship and throughout the entire internship period.

The scholarship is awarded to a candidate who meets the following conditions:

• Is an ISM’s full-time student in a bachelor’s or master’s degree (excluding first-year students), holding citizenship from the European Union or other foreign countries; or is an ISM graduate holding citizenship from the European Union or other foreign countries and no more than 12 months have passed between the completion of studies and the first day of the graduate internship.
• The planned activities during the additional internship in Lithuania are aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills related to studies and/or professional activities.
• Has completed the application rpocess, including a motivation and a confirmation letter from the company and a 3 parties internship agreement.

• Find a host organization based in Lithuania (check our platform Talque or ISM website. If you encounter difficulties finding an internship placement, you can always register for a consultation here);
• Fill in the voluntary internship agreement form on;
• Write a motivational letter and send it to, with a subject – UPinLT;
• Wait for the decision through the provided email.

If students want to participate in this program, they must submit the documents listed above via email to the Career Center (