FinTech ekosistema ir valdymas (FIN127)

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Course goals

This course provides an overview of FinTech (financial technology) from three perspectives. First, we will approach FinTech from financial markets and institutions point of view and deals with various examples of FinTech products/services, e.g. payment systems, P2P (peer-to-peer) lending, blockchain, smart contract. Second, we will discuss the drivers and factors of FinTech development and growth. Here, we pay particular attention to regulatory incentives and encouragements such as sandbox. Third, we will compare financial markets in the world and identify the ‘Fin’ part of the FinTech. Ultimately, we ask ourselves if this buzzword ‘FinTech’ is suitable to characterise the contemporary global financial economics.

Course results

  • Demonstrate the basic understandings on the relationship between FinTech and the development of financial markets.
  • Illustrate the unique set of problems which FinTech entrepreneurs are facing today.
  • Analyse how the development and management of FinTech is linked to the wellbeing of the society.
  • Critically review the FinTech ecosystem and identify the underling institutional supports necessary for its growth.