Globali verslo imersija (GRAL014)

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Course goals

There are a number of places across the world that are known as global hubs for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Such centres of innovation and change offer a fast-paced culture with unique views on risk and failure, they are full of companies and thought leaders trying to peer around corners and stunning examples of both success and failure.

Therefore, this module aims to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn all the aspects of business, including business models, startup creation, leadership and others, in practice from the best industry examples across the globe. The module consists of intensive field learning – an immersion – in a specific location abroad.

Course results

  • Understand the concept of entrepreneurial leadership and define key skills used by successful leaders.
  • Develop capabilities to critically evaluate the organization’s business model to generate value for the organization.
  • Understand the operational and strategic aspects of running a successful business.
  • Develop personal and professional leadership competencies through active engagement with businesses.