Įvadas į skaitmeninę transformaciją (MNG300)

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Course description

The course is dedicated to provide all necessary knowledge and skills for the business professionals to be more effective in dealing (both strategically and organizationally) with the digital transformation issues at new and existing technology companies. Students will be able to understand the needs for the business process reengineering, based on digital transformation methods and tools. Course is dedicated to understand the organizational transformation principles in the context of efficient sustainable process management.

Course goals

The main aim of the course is to prepare students for the change management issues related with digital transformation at the strategic and organizational levels in the context of sustainability needs. Students will be able to project and implement digital transformation changes to develop sustainable business practice.

Course results

  • Will be able be able to define and understand digital transformation issues and definition.
  • Will be able to critically evaluate business needs for digital transformation for the development of sustainable organisation.
  • Will be able understand specific digital partnership ecosystems and their use for company sustainable transformation.
  • Will be able to create digital transformation plan for business enterprise to achieve sustainable business.