Magistrantūros baigiamasis darbas (GRAB010)

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Course goals

The aim of the thesis is to provide an opportunity for Master degree candidates to refine, in some cases acquire, a range of skills at an appropriate level to do a quality research. A successful thesis is evidence that the candidate has acquired the minimum level of research skills and can therefore be accredited a Master degree.

Course results

Upon the completion of the Master Thesis a student will have achieved these learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge and its application. Graduate is able to define the research problem and the main goals of a Thesis in a concise way and integrate the theoretical knowledge obtained in the master studies.
  • Research skills. Graduate is able to analyze critically, synthesize and assess research data necessary for the thesis development. He/she is also able to collect quantitative and/ or qualitative data and perform appropriate empirical analysis to solve the research problem.
  • Special abilities. Graduate has the ability to develop a clear explanation and justification of the selected methodological approach and refer to published research on methodology to support the statement on its appropriateness, present a testable hypothesis, consistent with assumptions derived from literature review, and conduct (on an individual basis) an empirical research.
  • Social ability. Graduate has the ability to develop the elaborated discussion to reveal the study findings in the light of prior research in the field, compare the results with those reported by other investigators considering the questions that remain unanswered and suggest the additional further research perspectives by demonstrating proficiency in academic writing, proper literature citation and compilation of a reference list.
  • Personal abilities. Graduate has the ability to plan the process of thesis writing in an autonomous manner, choose the direction of improvement and study in an autonomous manner. Graduate has the ability to use scientific research data, has experience in research work, and skills of systemic and strategic thinking necessary for autonomous professional activity and scientific research work.