Vartotojo elgsena (MNG106)

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Course goals

This course aims to provide students with an in-depth and critical overview of the latest research in the field of consumer behavior. The course will consist of lectures and seminars, presented in a mixed format.

Lectures: Through a critical examination of key research articles and theories from the field, students will become familiar with major psychological theories that explain how internal and external factors can influence consumer behavior, such as consumer self-control and materialism, as well as consumer decision-making, among others.

Seminars: In the seminars, students will be introduced to the research project they will conduct for the course. They will perform self-tests and conduct mini case studies, and will engage in discussions about critical issues in the field of consumer behavior. During the “presentation day”, students will present the findings of their research projects

Course results

  • Will be able to explain major theories, models, and findings from recent consumer behaviour research.
  • Will be able to independently find and select relevant and high-quality consumer behaviour research articles, and to critically reflect upon that literature.
  • Will be able to perform consumer behaviour research, and statistically analyse and interpret the results of that research.
  • Will be able to formulate credible and meaningful real-life applications of the theories and findings covered in the course and in the research project.
  • Will be able to write a scientific research report, and present and discuss research results for both a specialist and layman audience.