Žmonės ir organizacijos (GRAL011)

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Course goals

Global and local organisations are under ever-present pressure to maximise productivity and to optimise costs. The organisational complexities are magnified by disruptive technology, geopolitics, regulations, and ongoing race to acquire and to retain the top talent. The purpose of this course is to provide a basic knowledge of factors that influence people's behaviours in organisations, to improve self-understanding and understanding of other people/teams within an organisation, since there is no organisation without people. During this course students will address the key themes of the subject material: an individual’s career development and performance management, high-performing team dynamics, diversity and inclusion topics, and other organisational factors via theoretical, practical discussions and group work projects.

Course results

  • Gain knowledge and skills to plan and control personal and career development by surveying theoretical concepts and research findings.
  • Review of the different communication styles and techniques that can be utilized in team settings. Practical tips and real world examples of effective communication in action. Development of active listening and questioning skills.
  • Review of team building and team development strategies and interventions.
  • To provide a common language and framework for understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion and to build the foundational DEI  knowledge at workplace.
  • Develop personal and professional abilities, critical thinking, and creativity.